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Arbuda Instruments. India, has been delivering quality in pressure gauges, temperature gauges, testing equipments & accessories in some of the India’s largest and most quality conscious markets. Its orientation, coupled with value based business ethics and commitment to quality, has secured significant position in industry. We are proud to present ourselves as one of the Leading manufacturers of pressure gauges, temperature gauges, testing equipments & accessories.

Arbuda Instruments. began its operations in 2007 with who has a vast experience of over 5 years in the field of pneumatic instruments. His involvement for over Two decades in R&D and production department with different leading companies manufacturing pressure and temperature instruments has contributed immensely to his profile. Since its conception in 2007, the company has grown multifold. The dynamism, vision & experience has been carried over the years reaping rich benefits. The R&D plays an integral part in bringing out the innovation in the field of pressure & temperature instruments and has been adapting well to the demands of users.

Arbuda Manufactures Bourdon Pressure gauges as per EN-837, IS-3624 & ASME B 40.1.
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